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Freelance Projects, Articles, and Photography

I am available for freelance feature articles and occasional contributions, photography assignments and photo essays, as well as consultations, on the following subjects (I’m open to subjects not listed here, too). I sell stock photography through Getty Images and sell direct, too.

Contact me regarding a freelance project.

  • recipe developer and in-depth feature articles about food culture and regional specialties in Italy and other parts of the world
  • Italy and Italian cuisine, culture, travel, and expat life
  • photography (still life, travel, food photography, street food, urban, culinary, portraits, weddings)
  • technology how-to, tutorials, and practical explanations
  • small business entrepreneurship and growing a business (especially digital strategy)
  • web 2.0, new media, emerging technologies, open source, and community-building
  • blogging, communication, personal branding, and networking strategy

Some clips:

    • Stop Sabotaging your own Success: a Manifesto” – Women 2.0, March 2012 [Article].
    • Collaboration Tools For Entrepreneurs To Create, Collaborate, Communicate” – Women 2.0, December 2011. [Article]
    • Zagat Survey 2011- World’s Top Restaurants, 4th edition (print), Milan; select text and updates, 2011 (online/print).
    • Fodor’s Travel Guides, “Venice and the best of Northern Italy” (1st edition) - Milan & the Lakes chapter curator (Fodors.com and print editions), 2011. 
    • Hidden Demons of High-Achieving Entrepreneurs” – Women 2.0, June 2011. [Article]
    • The Hedgehog of the Sea” – La Cucina Italiana Magazine (US print edition), May 2010. [Photography]
    • Macarons New Popularity Worries Fans” – Wall Street Journal (online / print), March 2010. [Photography]
    • To Dance with your Hands (YouTube)” – Big in Small, Suzuki Europe, February 2010. [Video proposal, shooting and post-production]
    • A portion of my article “Advantages & Disadvantages of Electronic books” is reprinted at EbookWeek.com, January 2010 [Article]
    • Small-things.eu website contributor, Big in Small, Suzuki Europe, January-April 2010. [Articles]
      Some articles: The New Age of Patronage – how the future of supporting the arts is in every one of us, What’s in a Password?Infographics are the new Typography, Digital Doppelgangers – your avatar and you, The Stats of Life – why we love statistics about our own lives, Google Wave – a quick intro and some tips, Apple, a modern-day oracle? – how rumors fuel our thirst for innovation and the next big thing, The new old way: Barefoot running.
    • Travel Blog Exchange: interviews to bloggers” – Moleskine.com, October 2009. [Videos]
      Videos taken during the BlogHer and Travel Blog Exchange conferences in Chicago, July 2009. The subject of the videos was “How do you use analog tools to organize your digital life?”
    • Networking for Designers (and everyone else!)” – Design*Sponge, October 2009. [Article]
      “…networking is for everyone.

 The people you network with don’t have to be fans or in direct need of your services, but they can be sources of inspiration, resources and experts, gateways to other people, and provide helpful feedback and opinions.”
    • “How to Use Google Alerts – 5 Quick Ways to Get News About You & Your Blog” - Food Blog Alliance, April 2009. [Article]
      “Google Alerts are a simple and free way to get regular updates about something that interests you (other than Twitter, which is for another article). Google Alerts will send you an email any time a new web page appears in the top 20 web results or top 10 news results for the terms you specify. As a caretaker and author of a blog or website, you’ll definitely want to be on top of news and happenings that interest you and your blog…”
    • How to Show Your Soul and Engage Users with Twitter: (Tips For Brands and Non-Profit Organizations)” – Darren Rowse (ProBlogger)’s TwiTip, January 2009. [Article]
      “If your organization hasn’t gotten on Twitter yet, what are you waiting for? But if you are looking to use Twitter as just a way to publicize new blog posts or press releases, you’re already on the wrong path. Don’t worry, you can still get on the right one! Here are points to follow to turn an anonymous Twitter account into your organization’s shining advocate…
    • 91 Disputable theses for a different Marketing – Translation into English for Gianluca Diegoli, 2009 [Translation].
    • “6 Tips for Using Your Twitter Profile to Get New Followers” – Darren Rowse (ProBlogger)’s TwiTip, November 2008. [Article]
      “Since Twitter’s focus is on saying a lot with very little, it makes sense that the Twitter profile space is very brief and the default settings leave little room to present yourself in detail. It’s also the first and last thing potential followers will see before deciding to click “Follow” or to click away from your profile. Here’s a few tips to customize your profile so that potential followers will be convinced they can’t miss your Tweets!
    • The Green Guide to Milan” – The Traveler’s Notebook, April 2008. [Article]
      Though green is not the color that usually comes to mind when you mention Milan, it is quickly becoming a hotspot for green activity. In January 2008 the Milan mayor introduced the “Eco-pass,” a toll that older cars have to pay to enter the center of Milan to discourage traffic within city walls. Milan is a city that is navigated wonderfully without a car, though having access to one may be helpful on weekend trips.”
    • The Study Abroad Guide to Italy – Matador Study, March 2008. [Article, Photography]
      “Thinking of studying abroad in Italy but not sure where? Whether choosing a university-based program or an independent experience, here is a roundup of the best programs plus several important considerations before immersing yourself in the Bel Paese.”
    • Shoe Shots: MilanWSA Today, March 2008 (print version). [Photography]
    • MICAM: Feelin’ Fine – WSA Today, March 2008. [Article, Photography]
      “Earlier this month, the MICAM shoe fair underwent a minor makeover, moving its dates to midweek (Tues. – Fri.) from its usual weekend-inclusive schedule. But the workweek interruption wasn’t enough to dissuade buyers from attending the event.”

Advertisements, Copywriting and Translations

  • Bocconi University MBA Program “Empowering Talent” campaign – The Economist [Copywriting, Translation]
  • www.Galbani.co.uk [Copywriting]
  • Il Ponte sull’Adriatico – The Bridge on the Adriatic. [Translation, 150pp]

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