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Sara Rosso speaking at Le Web

Sara speaking at Le Web

Sara Rosso giving keynote at WordCamp Tokyo

Sara Rosso giving keynote at WordCamp Tokyo

I often speak at events about various topics including digital strategy, product marketing, technology, communication, branding, writing, community, self-publishing and ebooks, and of course, WordPress. I also attend events, too! If you’ll be where I am in the near future, I hope you’ll say hi!

I’ll be posting links to slides, videos and transcripts as they become available.

Contact me to speak at your upcoming event by sending me an email to: contact @ sararosso dot com.

Upcoming Events:

Past Events:

WordCamp US, Philadelphia, December 2016.
Marketing Contributor Day group lead.

WordCamp Europe, Vienna, June 2016.
Emcee, organizing team, Contributor Day group lead.

Spark.me, Montenegro, May 2016.
Keynote speaker. “The Opportunity of Open.” 

WordCamp US, Philadelphia, December 2015.
Organizing team, Contributor Day group lead.

WordCamp Berlin, November 2015.
Speaker. “Fake it Like a Project Manager (for Designers and Developers).

Webdagene, Oslo, October 2015.
Panel Speaker. “The Future of CMS.” 

International Food Bloggers Conference, Seattle, September 2015.
Speaker. Essential Ingredients of a WordPress Website.” 

WordCamp Europe, June 2015.
Emcee, Organizing team, Contributor Day group lead.

WordCamp London, March 2015.
Moderator, UK Agency Panel.

WordCamp Paris — January 2015.
Speaker. “What I’ve Learned as a Serial (Community) Founder: The Community Life Cycle.”

WordCamp Poland — November 2014.
Speaker. “WordPress Agencies: Facing Challenges for the Next 10 Years.

WordCamp Europe — Sofia, Bulgaria, September 2014.
Speaker. “7 Habits of Highly Effective Enterprise WordPress Sites.”

WordCamp Switzerland — May 3, 2014.w
Speaker. Trends in Enterprise WordPress Content.”

WordCamp Paris — January 17 & 18, 2014.
Speaker. “WordPress Agencies: Facing Challenges for the Next 10 Years.”

SMX Milan — November 7 & 8, 2013.
Speaker. “Supercharging engagement through Facebook & Twitter.” 

Young Women Network (SDA Bocconi University) — Milan, October 2013.
Speaker. “Personal branding and online presence.” I posted some of the questions from this session here: Is Personal Branding Everyone’s Problem? Spoiler: Yes!

Santa Clara University School of Business, October 11, 2013.
Speaker. The Future Way of Working: The Distributed Company.

WordCamp Europe — The Netherlands, October 5-6, 2013.
Speaker.Why Big Brands Love WordPress.”

WordCamp Tokyo — Japan, September 14, 2013 & WordPress Meetup Tokyo — Japan, September 16, 2013.
Speaker. Keynote, “WordPress Showcase: Enterprise, Media, Government & More.”

DConf 2013 — Cloud Business Apps & Services Summit — June 27, 2013
Speaker. “Q&A with Sara Rosso, VIP Global Services Manager, Automattic.”

WordPress Meetup NYC — May 21, 2013.
Speaker. “Delving into the WordPress Media Manager.”

WordCamp Sofia (Bulgaria), October 20, 2012.
Speaker. “WordPress can do anything”  and “WordPress Q&A.”

TBEX Europe, September 21-22, 2012.
Speaker. “How to run your site like a WordPress.com VIP (even if you’re not).” 

Professional Women’s Association of Milan — Milan, Italy. September 19, 2012.
Solo presentation event. “Personal Branding” (a workshop). 

Italy Expat Writers Book and App Fair, May, 12, 2012.

News International Digital Collective, April 24, 2012. (private event)
Speaker. “Innovation in the media with WordPress & organizational innovation with Automattic.”

American Business Group, Milan, February 17, 2012.
Speaker. “Online Tools for Entrepreneurs: Create. Collaborate. Communicate.”

LeWeb conference in Paris, December 7-9, 2011.
Ignite Speaker. “The Future of Working: the Distributed Company.


Girl Geek Dinner Milano #18, Milan, Italy. October 14, 2011.
Speaker. “Productivity on your Android Mobile: Top 10 Tips and 40+ Apps.

KnowCamp, Modena, Italy. October 8th, 2011.
Speaker. “Digital Curation: The New Frontier of Knowledge.” 

WordCamp San Francisco 2011 — San Francisco, CA. August 2011.
Speaker. “WordPress for Large-Scale Installs.”

BlogHer ’11 — San Diego, California. August 2011.
Panel speaker. Presented on a panel about extending websites with community features (and featuring BuddyPress and bbPress, too): “Adding Community Features to your blog.

Groupon Affiliate Webinar — June 2011.
Solo presentation event. “Working with WordPress” presentation and live Q&A. Most popular webinar in their history.

WordCamp Milan 2011 — Milan, Italy. May 2011.
Speaker. “Come fare soldi con WordPress (best practices per consulenti WP)” in Italian. (translated: How to make money with WordPress — best practices for WP consultants).

Professional Women’s Association of Milan — Milan, Italy. May 2011.
Solo presentation event. “Create, Collaborate, Communicate: Online tools for Entrepreneurs” in English.

Stampa Estera — Foreign Press, Milan, May 2011.
Solo presentation event. “How to use WordPress as a website (not blog)” to foreign journalists, in Italian. Slides in English and Italian.

Forum della Communicazione Digitale — Digital Communication Forum, February 2011.
Speaker. An Ignite on “La nuova azienda digitale” — “The new digital company: distributed, online, transparent in Italian. Slides in English and Italian.

WordCamp New York City — NY, NY. October 2010.
Speaker. “How to Use Featured Images with WordPress“, and worked at the Happiness Bar. Slides in English.

Social Media Week — Milan, Italy.
Speaker. Interviewed at the Social Media Breakfast about social networking and geo-localization, in Italian. Video in Italian.

Girl Geek Dinners Milano — Dinners #1-14.
Organizer and Speaker. Attended dinner #1, and organized dinners #2-14 as main sponsorship coordinator. Retired in 2011, but a frequent attendee. Presented “Getting Involved in Open Source Software” in Italian in 2008. Slides in English and Italian.

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